Automated production of voltage converters with a small installation space.

Do you want to develop automated production for your power modules and mass-produce them in the shortest possible time? No problem for our four machine models.

Thanks to the modularity, the standardized interfaces and the real Plug & Produce capability, a large number of functional modules can be integrated into all systems
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Application examples

Innovation for green energy

This is how innovative our customers are... Infineon Technologies Bipolar GmbH & Co. KG in Warstein developed the "Press Pack IGBT", which makes it possible to transport the electricity generated in the world's second largest waterworks, on the Yangtze River, particularly quickly and over long distances.

What brings the highest performance and efficiency in China is produced automatically in Warstein with micro-assembly systems from Häcker Automation GmbH, among others. 

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Micro assembly shop
for PMA.

Find everything for your efficient automation in the micro-assembly shop. A large portfolio of machines and modules is available for your production.


OurPlant Pocket

Modular Machine Concept

The compact OurPlant Pocket realises semi-automated processes and provides developers an excellent support in testing, developing and validating their processes.

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Ourplant D1

Modular Machine Concept

The desktop machine OurPlant D1 is the basis for the seamless transition of your products into series production.

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Ourplant XTEC

Modular Machine Concept

The modular design of the OurPlant XTec guarantees adaptation to individual and rapidly changing process requirements.

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Ourplant X3

Modular Machine Concept

Like all micro assembly machines of OurPlant, the OurPlant X3 blue is based on a modular design.

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STABILITY for  Dispensing Applications IN MICRO-ASSEMBLY. 

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