Clever manufacturing solutions for your specific substrates.

Manufacturers benefit from this efficient and material-saving technology, particularly in the field of high-performance electronics to which the Power Module Assembly is connected. Positive side effects of the special application can be seen here, e.g. in the mechanical and electrical properties that sintering brings with it.

Together with IDC GmbH, we have developed an extremely compact sintering press that covers a wide range of applications with a temperature and force range of 20 ° C - 300 ° and 5N - 10 KN. Since every customer process and its products vary, a handling system for components is integrated in addition to a quick-change system for various tools.

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Sintering Prozess


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Micro assembly shop sintering. ​​​​​​​

Find everything for your efficient automation in the micro-assembly shop. A large portfolio of machines and modules is available for your production.

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OurPlant Pocket

Modular Machine Concept

The compact OurPlant Pocket realises semi-automated processes and provides developers an excellent support in testing, developing and validating their processes.

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Ourplant D1

Modular Machine Concept

The desktop machine OurPlant D1 is the basis for the seamless transition of your products into series production.

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Ourplant XTEC

Modular Machine Concept

The modular design of the OurPlant XTec guarantees adaptation to individual and rapidly changing process requirements.

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Ourplant X3

Modular Machine Concept

Like all micro assembly machines of OurPlant, the OurPlant X3 blue is based on a modular design.

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STABILITY for  Dispensing Applications IN MICRO-ASSEMBLY. 

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