Automate the production of your micro and nano components

Machines from Häcker Automation are your production equipment for realising  variety of your process steps on one system.

The precise assembly of highly sensitive and geometrically demanding components in the micro and nano range has many influencing factors that affect the perfect result. From the assembly in extremely deep cavities to the assembly of touch-sensitive components, together we will find the right solution for your products.


One of the many options of modules in our systems is the use of a Smarpod for high-precision alignment of substrates and components. This allows manipulation in six degrees of freedom with positioning accuracies less than 10nm. 
To illustrate this, you can see a demonstration process in our linked video.

Process steps shown in the video:

1.   the ceramic substrate is measured at 3 positions with the 3D camera to determine the 3D position of the substrate (0-3 sec).
2.   the Smarpod moves to a correction position to the position determined in step 1 (3-4 sec)
3.   the substrate is measured a second time (4-7 sec)
4.   the Smarpod makes another correction movement (8 sec)
5.   the substrate is measured a third time and the result is found to be good (9-13 sec)
6.   the Smarpod moves to the measuring position for the height measurement of the bond surface (13- 14 sec)
7.   the linear axis with the measuring head of the confocal sensor moves into the measuring position - the exact height of the bond area is measured (15- 16 sec)
8.   the linear axis with the measuring head of the confocal sensor moves back to the rest position (17 - 19 sec)
9.   the smarpod moves back to the position it had reached in the 4th step (19 - 20 sec)
10. the placement head fetches an invisible component from the wafflepack holder (20 - 24 sec)
11. the placement head moves the component over the placement position (24 - 28 sec)
12. the smarpod moves the last millimeter towards the placement head to press on the invisible component in a defined way (29 sec)
13. the placement head puts down the invisible component and moves back to the overtravel height (30 -32 sec)
14. the smarpod moves back to its starting position (33 sec)
15. the process starts again from the beginning

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More about assembling.

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Mounting a pressure sensor

3d assembly

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