Realise your individual challenges in micro assembly with the open machine concept of OurPlant.
We do not only offer the production solution, but also a platform for communication, development and growth.
Benefit from the spirit of OPEN SOURCE and create something new with us.

Häcker Automation opens up the micro-assembly platform OurPlant.

For everyone.

“Microsystems technology is so challenging that it is not advantageous for us in the long run to protect our knowledge. Rather, it is more important that it finds use with our users in these fast-moving times.” Gerrit Häcker, founder of Häcker Automation GmbH, is convinced of this.


We open OurPlant – The Micro Assembly Platform. For Everybody.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a customer, developer, technology-loving tinkerer, or machine builder .
Microsystem technology is so challenging that it does not offer any long-term advantage to protect our knowledge. Because it will lose its value faster and faster if it cannot be used when it is needed.
Providing solutions not tied to time and place – that is the competitive advantage in this dynamic and networked world.
Together we design the first real knowledge sharing platform for the construction of complex machine systems. Because the bundled knowhow of experts worldwide, provided on one platform, is the only chance to provide answers in a timely and solution-oriented manner.
OurPlant – The Open Micro Assembly Platform makes the same information always available to every user . That is our understanding of open source. The fundamental openness to provide knowledge and data according to an open book strategy and to develop them is the basis for a trusting cooperation on equal terms!
Because a common level of knowledge increases quality and stands for inexhaustible product diversity.
The way to the solution becomes an experience and offers a wide range of value creation opportunities for all users of the open platform OurPlant.




Machines of the open micro assembly platform can realise every product phase, from the laboratory stage to large-scale production.
Due to increasing specialisation and constantly changing product requirements you benefit from a unique machine concept.

Thanks to independent modules and easy configurable machines, OurPlant platforms can be easily adapted to future requirements.

Based on an open source concept, open interfaces are available to you.
For example, you can develop your own process programs or
integrate your own modules into the machine setup.
Discover the machine concept.


How are processing heads and modules connected mechanically and electrically?
What kind of data logging options does the system offer?
What do you have to consider when electrically connecting two machines?
How is the distribution of gaseous media within the systems realised?
Answers to these and many other questions are provided here:
The optional trolley system of OurPlant X3 increases the flexibility of this machine as well as its versatility. This gives you the opportunity to react quickly to changing product requirements.
The trolleys are integrated in the optional area of the machine’s base plate. Since they have the pattern of the entire base plate, they can be equipped with all the necessary modules. The height of the respective trolley can be adjusted for high-build modules. The trolley interiors offer sufficient space to stow the corresponding control technology.