The Idea behind OurPlant.

From the First Idea to Serial Production with OurPlant Machines.

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Machine Platform

Häcker Automation has created a machine platform, named OurPlant, that makes it possible to automate complex processes in the microsystem technology. The modular machine concept consists of four machines. All machines have the same basic structure and can be flexibly adapted to the process.
One Machine – Various Configurations.
More than 80 modules can be exchanged thanks to the standardised interfaces.


The OurStore is the first online marketplace for micro assembly equipment. Product groups, helpful descriptions, intuitive operation and an immediate price information help to meet your challenge.
Product Overview and Categories
The OurStore provides an overview of the wide range of OurPlant products.
Detailed Descriptions
Extensive product descriptions with pictures and videos explain the machines and modules.
Modules and machines can be put together in a first configuration and sent as an enquiry to Häcker Automation.


Competencies and bundled expertise combined on a knowledge platform. Everyone has the opportunity to participate! The necessary registration is quick, easy and free.
Expertise can be acquired from a repertoire of postings, explanatory videos and animations.
Application Examples
Detailed application notes show the use of established technologies and test results of new developments.
Everyone can post questions on micro assembly topics and answers into the blog.

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