Our Solution for your Power Module Assembly.

Our idea of performance.

MODULARITY – Choose between more than 90 modules and configure your own personal solution for your power modules.
FLEXIBILITY – Produce your A series today and your B series of your high performance products tomorrow.
EFFICIENCY – Benefit from the oversized working areas of OurPlant machines and automate your entire manufacturing process in a single machine.
CHANGE – Test your processes in the laboratory and transfer them to high volume production.
COMBINATION – Combine different machines in line and realize a fully automated production.

From 1 to 1 million.

You want to develop an automated production and quickly start to produce your products in series? No problem for the OurPlant machine family.
Due to the modularity, the standardized interfaces and the real Plug&Produce capability, numerous function modules can be integrated and transfered into all machines.

Your processes at a glance.

At OurPlant you will find all the products to realize your entire Power Module Assembly in line.

Ready for your special requirements.

The modular machine concept of OurPlant enables you a high flexibility in your power module assembly. Thanks to the Plug&Produce function, the process configuration of your machine can be quickly adapted to new requirements. So you produce the A series of your Power Module today and your optimized B series tomorrow.
With OurPlant you are prepared for all future challenges in your industry.

Your Power Module Assembly in line.

At OurPlant you will find all the products to realize your entire Power Module Assembly in line.
For example, you can use a circuitous transport system to achieve a maximum of efficiency. The full process is arranged in a loop, which has the advantage of being capable of fully automating the complete production process and reusing support materials.

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