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Material logistics.

For safe component handling.

Efficient material supply systems.

In order to fully automate your production, material logistics tasks must not be ignored. Feeding, sorting and storage systems provide your product components before, during and after the process.
In order to achieve the highest level of process automation, the selection of suitable material supply systems is very important. Possible systems range from wafer handling systems to tape feeders and waffle pack trays that can be transported from outside. In addition, the need to handle the substrate relative to processing systems can be achieved by using substrate handling systems that can move in six degrees of freedom. For example, the application of adhesives can be done in the vertical direction and the placement of the component on the applied adhesive can be realised in the horizontal direction. Parameters to be considered are approach heights, pick-up heights, needle start heights, exit heights, speed and waiting time. The picked-up parts are then checked for position and breaks using a bottom-side camera, and the good parts are sorted into a feed system, for example a gel pack or a waffle pack.

Application Videos Material logistics.

Solder preforms punching module ​

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Feeder system for bulk material

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Find everything for your efficient automation in the micro assembly shop. A large portfolio of machines and modules is available for your production.
Punch Unit
This Unit can punch out a wide variety of shapes, such as rectangles or circles, from a solder ribbon. The punched preforms can then be further processed in the machine.
Jedec Tray Feeder
The Jedec Tray Feeder from Quasys is a flexible conveying solution for magazine operation in a very compact design.
A conveyor transports substrates within a plant or from plant to plant. The type of conveyor depends on the substrate to be transported.

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