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Ultra precise and efficient.


Various dispensing techniques for individual processes can be implemented on Häcker Automation automation systems.

These range from our specially developed controlled dispensing process and direct dispensing, the pin transfer process, jet dispensing, time-pressure dispensing to various valve-assisted dispensing techniques. Due to the high precision and reproducibility of our dispensing modules, we meet the highest requirements of our customers.

Pressure-time dispensing: Precise volume dispensing without material loss

Integrate efficient and resource-saving dispensing technology into your innovative process. Pressure-time dispensing means: your material is pressed through the needle at a defined interval by using an applied pressure pulse. The advantage of control via compressed air is that no additional plunger is required for material displacement. A loss of material due to tolerance chains of cartridge and plunger as well as due to the cleaning of the same, does not take place.

Intelligent dispensing with the patented linearly controlled dispensing process.

Bring your production to a new level of quality and performance with our linearly controlled dispensing head. By constantly regulating the dispensing parameters, changes in the viscosity of the material can be compensated for and thus highly precise and reproducible dispensing results can be achieved. This process is particularly suitable for casting techniques such as underfill and glob top processes.rel=”noopener”>Underfill und Glob Top Prozesse.

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Dispensing directly on the subside of the component.

With the patented direct dispensing technology, it is possible to apply media such as adhesive directly to the subside of the component with a defined layer height evenly and flat. The direct dispensing unit developed for this purpose provides a reservoir of the desired dispensing material, into which the component is immersed immediately prior to assembly. In addition to uniform wetting, this process allows certain patterns (crosses, dots, …) to be applied to the component using flexibly definable templates. This method is often used in die bonding processes and flip-chip processes.


The pin transfer process is comparable to a stamping process. A special tool transfers the dispensing medium to the substrate to be applied. The pin transfer process is implemented in our automation systems with the specially developed and patented direct dispensing station. In this way, even the smallest dispensing quantities in the nano range can be transferred to the substrate.

Jetting. Increase your productivity.​

Benefit from economic processes with sophisticated jet systems. When it comes to microdispensing, the balancing act between precision and speed often has to be mastered. Jetting meets these requirements in many applications. Our experts work with jet valves from various manufacturers, always tailored to your product and your process. Since components are getting smaller and more sensitive, the non-contact application of dispensing media is becoming more and more important.

Interesting Facts about Dispensing.

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