Our Idea of Photonics


Your individual photonics kit.
MODULARITY   Draw from a pool of over 90 modules and configure your system for your product and your process – again and again.
FLEXIBILITY   Create all your photonic products on one machine.
HIGH PRECISION   Precision redefined with positioning accuracies of less than 10nm.
GROWTH   Test your processes in the laboratory and transfer them to high volume production.
ECONOMY   Economy through large work areas, shorter cycle times and lower clean room costs.


Ready for your special requirements.

OurPlant brings product developers and process engineers together to work on ideas and solutions. By working together with our technology experts, the development speed on the platform increases and you can benefit from an enormous variety of technologies and modules.


Precise alignment and positioning.

  • Your photonic products require precise alignment of optical components. With the expert knowledge of strong partners, we integrate motion systems such as hexapods into your OurPlant system.
  • Positioning accuracy less than 10 nm
  • High-precision handling systems manipulate your highly sensitive optical components in six degrees of freedom and form the basis for Active Alignment.
  • Use 3D inspection modules in the nm range for quality optimization of your complex and special products.


From 1 to 1 million.

You want to develop an automated production for your photonic products and quickly start to produce your products in series? No problem for the four all-rounders of the OurPlant machine family.
Realize your individual processes on the OurPlant Pocket and seamlessly install the validated processes on an OurPlant series production system.
OurPlant Pocket.
With the OurPlant Pocket you can work alongside and support your manufacturing process development and product development. The compact tabletop system enables you to implement semi-automated processes. It is an excellent support for testing, developing and validating your processes.
Thanks to the uniform compatibility of the OurPlant platform, the machine benefits from a wide variety of modules. The product design and manufacturing technology can be optimized directly by the product developer through a wide range of applications, such as microassembly, microdispensing and inspection processes.


OurPlant D1.
The OurPlant D1 is the basis for the seamless transition of your products into serial production.
The open system allows you to interact intensively with the process. Technology and experts meet and have the opportunity to produce first products in series.
The modular machine concept guarantees the adaptability to future products and process requirements.


OurPlant XTec.
The OurPlant XTec is the compact all-round solution for series production of integrated photonic assemblies. Like the OurPlant Pocket and OurPlant D1, the machine can also be equipped with various functional modules of the platform.
Depending on your process requirements, the OurPlant XTec can be used for a variety of applications. For example, laser safety glass offers an option for solving a wide range of microassembly challenges.
You get a versatile and highly efficient microassembly machine. This solution provides the possibility to produce even the most technically demanding photonic products in a very short time.


OurPlant X3.
The photonics market is growing steadily, which is also reflected in the high demand for photonic products. The OurPlant X3 is the system of your choice for economical production, which means reducing cycle times and minimizing cleanroom costs.
A maximum of working space and the option to equip the machine with to independently working Y-axes offers you the highest production efficiency.


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