Häcker Automation opens up the micro assembly platform OurPlant.

For everyone.

“Microsystems technology is so challenging that it is not advantageous for us in the long run to protect our knowledge. Rather, it is more important that it finds use with our users in these fast-moving times.” Gerrit Häcker, founder of Häcker Automation GmbH, is convinced of this.
To create a common, open platform where everyone can share and participate in the creation of value, of machines and innovative automation solutions. This is the mission of Häcker Automation with the first, open machine platform for micro-assembly.
Häcker Automation no longer just offers production solutions for micro products, but also a platform for communicating, co-developing and growing together.
Effective immediately, the company is opening up all sources of the OurPlant microassembly platform, inviting everyone to collaborate. This includes software sources, design data, interfaces of all kinds, expertise from the areas of development, manufacturing, application and support. In the future, interested parties will be provided with assembly instructions, test specifications, verification forms for commissioning, circuit diagrams, source codes of controllers or descriptions of mechanical, electrical and software-based interfaces.
With the Open Book strategy, Germany’s most innovative microassembly system builder is revealing the secrets behind the design and creation of these extraordinary mechanical engineering solutions. The data is open to everyone. They invite interested parties and users at the same time to participate in continuous improvements, to develop their own ideas and also to market them.
Häcker Automation stands for a trusting cooperation at eye level!
Gerrit Häcker is certain: “Shared knowledge ultimately increases quality, creates inexhaustible product diversity and offers the most diverse value creation opportunities for all users of the OurPlant open platform.”
14. December 2020

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