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Pin Transfer of Solder Paste and Pick & Place of SMD components on PCB

Pin Transfer of Solder Paste and Pick & Place of SMD components on PCB

The process in Vid. 1 is conducted on a standard machine using standard components of the OurPlant platform and comprises several steps for assembling dies on a PCB.

The system is equipped with Direct Dispensing Station (DDS) for processing pin transfer as well as areal application of solder paste on the component’s subside. Different steps from pin transfer over standard pick & place processes to direct dispensing processes of different SMD components on a PCB are shown in the video.

The pin transfer is roughly a stamping process. So, in case of the pin transfer a tool transfers solder paste on the PCB. After dispensing solder paste on the pads of the PCB, SMD parts are picked up from a Waffle Pack and subsequently placed on the substrate. The smallest SMD component has a size of 0.3mm × 0.3mm. There are also tool changing units inside the working area, which can host different tools for pin transfer and pick & place purposes.

Larger components can be applied using the direct dispensing capabilities of the DDS. Therefore the component is dipped into a reservoir of solder paste provided by the DDS. The shape of the solder paste layer is formed using a foil onto a matrix using vacuum to deform the foil according to the matrix pattern. Thus, the solder paste is applied with a defined pattern at the component as a part of the pick&place process.