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Positioning and Alignment of Optics Base​

Positioning and Alignment of Optics

Photonic products require precisely aligned optical components. The precision requirements of the alignment even necessitate compensating material property variations of the optics. Thus, exact positioning with accuracies below 1µm @ 3σ while bonding optics onto photonic devices using high precision handling systems might be the most challenging step within the whole production process.

The most common technology is the active alignment, i.e. the assembled product or an auxiliary device is in operation and analyzed while positioning the optics. Most accurate positioning is done using different iteration algorithms in order to achieve the defined result range. Choosing the right iteration algorithm depends on the setup and application of the photonics product.

But regarding the productivity aspect, the active alignment process also accounts for elevated throughput times. Due to an increasing need of automation and increasing demand of the photonic products in high technology markets like data centers or high performance computing, further process technologies beside active alignment are necessary. One alternative might be passive alignment, if the accuracy requirements can neglect material property variations. Passive alignment consists of a precise and in-situ inspection during the positioning process. So, high precision 3D vision systems are needed, which can even reliably provide the detection and inspection of transparent components. An example of such a vision system is the white light interferometer.

Hexapods from SmarAct are completly integratable in OurPlant Machines

  • Hexapod system with different Hexapods as processing head or base plate module
  • Possibility to integrate customized test systems

Together with the PTC as well as the scan and alignment functions, you get an optimized tool for aligning optical components with movements in all 6 degrees of freedom.

Heliotis interferometer as a working head and base plate module